Sunday, February 16, 2020

7:00 PM

Special Guest Kevin Craig West

Award winning actor/filmmaker and proud member of SAG-AFTRA and AEA. When not on camera or stage, he enjoys producing, directing, writing and coaching. He also enjoys sharing his talents as a teacher/artist and has worked with many Arts in Education groups including Theatre for a New Audience, Only Make Believe, and Symphony Space. Kevin is the owner of the production company, MoBetta Films, an advisory board member of WAM Theatre as well as Lake Placid Film Forum, former President of Upstate Independents and has served as Assistant Director of FilmColumbia Festival.

7:15 PM The Groundskeeper

Kevin Craig West stars as The Groundkeeper in  this short film by Nichole Eckenroad, taking place in Pearl River County Lunatic Asylum, Mississippi in 1920. In the early 1920, one of Alice’s friends helps her escape away from two newborns.

Run time: 11 minutes 


A suspenseful short – in this Twilight-Zone style parable about distracted driving, Dick just can’t stay off the phone.

Run time: 6 minutes 

7:32 PM I Hate Being Black

Drama short – A conversation amongst buppies about the struggles associated with blackness.

Run time: 11 Minutes

7: 44 PM Orphaned

After missing for almost a year, Allen McAvoy returns home to find a family falling apart, and his adopted brother Steve taking care of his wife. The death of his adopted parents sparked his disappearance, and now everyone wants answers, including his biological sister. As a fight over the family inheritance brews in the background, both brothers are thrust into a world where their loyalties to one another and their country are ferociously challenged. Will they be able to mend their own small world, or be a part of the destruction of the world at large?

Run Time: 85 min

9:00 PM colors in darkness

Colors in Darkness is an experimental award winning documentary by Sy Shanti is entirely composed of stock footage, stock images, stock sounds, and self-recorded interviewee videos of African American authors, writers, and content creators discussing the genre of Horror in books, Tv and film. Featuring Colors in Darkness.

Run time: 1:01:51

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